If you run a business in 2022, chances are you’ve heard people talking about switching to VoIP. You may have heard that it’s more efficient, future proof and even cheaper than regular phone systems… but what is it, and why do you need it?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocols, and put simply, it’s a phone system that handles calls over an internet connection rather than traditional phone network providers.

It may have a science-fiction sounding name, but it’s likely you’ve been using VoIP for years in some form or another since it’s invention in 1995. Skype is one of the largest VoIP providers on the market to this day, and that’s been around since 2005, the same year YouTube launched onto the web. VoIP is nothing new, and it’s definitely here to stay.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

Ok, ok, I get what it stands for now, but my businesses phone systems work fine – why would I change?

  • Cheaper – the big one. Using a VoIP system means all your calls will be carried out over your existing internet systems, so you’ll need less equipment than for a traditional landline. They also use minimal bandwidth, so you likely won’t even need to pay for changes to your WiFi.
  • Mobility and flexibility – having your phone system tethered to the internet rather than built-in copper wiring means it’s easier than ever to not only take calls with your office number o the move, but also if you’re working from home. There’s no need for two separate work numbers, or to give out your personal mobile number with a VoIP system.
  • Future-proof – VoIP systems are flexible and easily scalable, allowing for as many new lines as needed very quickly when you hire new employees, without the need for extensive new equipment installation.

Why do I need VoIP?

Unfortunately, VoIP isn’t going to be an optional upgrade for much longer – in 2025 BT are making all their copper phone lines extinct, meaning all landlines will be axed and all phone calls going forward will need to be made using an internet connection. You can learn more about this industry changing event here.

It’s a big and exciting time to be a business in the digital world and moving over to VoIP is just the next step in future-proofing your business. Think Connect are your dedicated IT partners, based in Kent and on hand to help you find the right VoIP package for you, and we’ll set everything up and maintain it for you.

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