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Whether you’re seeking immediate IT support or need proactive solutions to secure your business, our team of IT specialists and industry partners are here to assist.
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IT Support Services in Ashford

Think Connect provides comprehensive IT support services tailored to organisations in Ashford, combining responsive and proactive strategies to enhance operational efficiency. Contact Think Connect for IT support that businesses in Ashford rely on.

Helping Your Business To Thrive​

Responsive IT Support

Immediate assistance with a guaranteed response time, ensuring swift resolution of IT issues.

Proactive IT Support

Continuous monitoring and maintenance to preempt potential problems, aiming to reduce IT-related downtime.

Cloud Solutions

Expert cloud services from migration to management, designed to optimize business operations.

IT Consultancy

Strategic advice on IT infrastructure, ensuring alignment with business objectives.

Managed IT Services

Comprehensive management of IT tasks, from cybersecurity to data protection.

IT Support Packages & Pricing

A single monthly fee covers all your IT support requirements.

Our IT Support packages begin at £15 per user each month and encompass Remote IT Support, proactive monitoring and maintenance, management of Windows updates, basic service level agreements, and access to both the client portal and knowledge base.


Minimum 5 Users
£ 15
Per User Per Month
  • Anti-virus & ransomware protection
  • Email Backup
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Performance & Availability Monitoring
  • Pro-active IT Support & Maintenance
  • Windows Patch Management
  • Basic Service Level Agreement
  • Security Awareness Training

Growth Focused

Minimum 10 Users
£ 25
Per User Per Month
  • Everything in 'Essentials'
  • Password Breach Monitoring
  • Simulated Phishing Attacks & Reports
  • Advanced Email Filtering
  • Cyber Essentials Guidance
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Device Encryption
  • Application Whitelisting
  • DNS Filtering Protection
  • Enhanced Service Level Agreement
  • Quarterly Strategic Reviews
  • 'On-Site' Support Included
Most Popular


Minimum 25 Users
£ 45
Per User Per Month
  • Everything in 'Growth Focused'
  • Managed Threat Response & Hunting
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Managed Threat Response & Hunting
  • Advanced Service Level Agreements
  • Monthly Reviews

What Are The Benefits?

Increased Productivity

Teams who are well-supported and have easy access to files & information are more likely to be efficient. By providing the right tools and equipment, you can help your team feel empowered and engaged, leading to increased productivity.

Cost and Time Savings

Investing in IT wellness navigates and addresses preventable risks, reducing downtime due to network issues and cyber attacks and thus saving the businesses from loss of productivity.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

We understand the impact that IT and hardware issues can have on your team. By showing employees that their challenges are taken seriously and they are addressed quickly helps to demonstrate that wellbeing is a priority.

Competitive Advantage

Ensuring your team have the best tools for the job, with the most effective systems, means that they can deliver on their promises to your customers.