Cyber Awareness Training

Empowering a Secure Digital Culture isn't Optional, it's Essential. We're Here to Guide Your Path

Our cloud-based platform leverages behavioural science, data, and advanced analytics to revolutionise the way businesses approach cybersecurity. It shifts the focus from traditional security measures to the human aspect, addressing the cognitive and behavioural parts of cybersecurity.

It provides cyber awareness training, risk reporting, and intelligent phishing simulations to ensure your team understands and is prepared to handle cybersecurity threats. You are not just bolstering your security; you are nurturing a proactive cyber-aware culture.

How We Implement Our Cyber Awareness Training Into Your Business

Implementing our Cyber awareness training into your business operations is an intuitive and streamlined process. We begin by understanding your current cybersecurity setup and the unique needs of your organisation.

Then, we launch a personalised, interactive training program that is accessible to your staff through any web-based device. This program is designed to fit seamlessly into your team’s day-to-day tasks, minimising disruption while maximising learning.

Our platform’s analytics provide insight into areas of risk and progress over time, enabling continuous improvement. Our dedicated support team is on hand to provide assistance, ensuring a successful integration into your business.

Drive performance in your business

Behavioural Approach

It focuses on the human aspect of cybersecurity, a crucial yet often overlooked element of security.

Personalised Training

The platform tailors training to individuals, ensuring relevance and maximising engagement and learning.

Actionable Insight

Detailed analytics allow you to pinpoint security weaknesses and track progress over time.

Improved Security Culture

It helps foster a proactive and knowledgeable security culture within your organisation.

Reduced Risk

By educating your team about cybersecurity threats and how to respond, it helps to reduce the risk of breaches.

Phishing Simulations

Intelligent simulations mimic real-life phishing attempts, providing practical experience in a safe environment.

Compliance and Accreditation

It aids in meeting cybersecurity accreditation and regulatory compliance requirements.