Business digitisation, the internet of things, cloud operations, quantum computing and AI centred services are the new economy.   You don’t have to be a big-tech or corporate to be recognising the benefits these technologies can bring to your business.  Every business is behind, it’s the nature of innovation.  Yet in every generation of change there are two further inevitabilities; one being actors who will look to exploit vulnerabilities for financial gain or personal gratification, the other being governments looking to regulate and control the playing field (largely for financial gain or political gratification!).  Some we need to protect ourselves against, and other we need to comply with as the price for being allowed to do business for profit gain.

We understand these truths, threats and the necessities involved and so are on-hand to offer practical support to empower and protect your business.  We stand by our four service pillars – performance, security, resilience, and compliance – as the four quartiles of any IT strategy.  They work hand-in hand and the strengths and weaknesses of any ca impact on the efficacy of the others.

Today, we offer a comprehensive range of security and compliance services to support your strategies.  Ensuring you meet statutory, regulatory, contractual and legal compliance obligations as well as directing you to best practice. 

Business IT Security Has Never Been More Vital Than It Is Today

Whereas hearing about significant security breaches to companies was once only read about in newspapers and blogs, today they are impacting local companies or organisation like yours.  

For most companies, the threat from ‘state sponsored activists’ is small to none, but it is individual hackers and organised crime that are targeting niche and regional firms, confident they can hold firm’s with limited or no preparedness or protection to ransom, extracting smaller but faster paid bounty’s for their release than with combative corporates.

There are those with the foresight to have specific insurance against these threats, meaning lump payments are made in short order to release their business from malware grips and minimise disruption.  Unfortunately, there are also those with no protection who can be severely impacted and even brought to their knees. 

Part of the solution is prevention, as is employee education to minimise vulnerabilities.  We can assist before, during and after incidents and bring significant experience in bringing about swift resolution and recovery, often liaising insurance companies to navigate through the complex steps involved.  We can also deal directly with the likely escrow functioning transaction, paying for the encryption keys to release machines, servers and networks.

Bad Compliance Can Mean Bad Times Ahead

With organisations facing an ever-increasing list of statutory, regulatory, contractual and legal compliance obligations, it is the board who need to be engaged in this process, not just IT.  Compliance covers Data Governance, the Data Protection Act, Operational Risk and Information Security.

We believe preparation and good practice are the critical factors to success in preventing compliance issues.  Whether preventing breaches from sophisticated purposeful attacks or human error, it is important to make data compliance the centre point of your IT strategy.

We offer a dual approach to meeting your compliance needs.  We work with trusted compliance specialists who are legally led, in order to prescribe the policies you need to adhere to in regards to your data storage, control and processing.  From their prescribed recommendations we will complement their delivery and implementing the physical and virtual requirements and offering point support for your team going forwards.

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