UK Telephone Numbers

Whether you need a brand new number, you need something a bit more memorable or you want to keep your existing number and benefit from some of our other VoIP services we have a range of numbering services and can host them for you across our high quality network

UK Geographic Numbers

A range of virtual UK Geographic numbers from over 650 towns and cities in the UK.  Available as single numbers or large ranges as your needs dictate.  All with a low cost monthly rental of £3.99 + VAT

UK Non-Geographic Numbers

We can provide you with an 0845, 0870 or 0871/2/3 number which can be configured for use with any of our services or directed directly to your mobile or landline phone.

0870 Numbers are charged at the same rate as local numbers. 0871 numbers are classed as premim numbers and are charged at 10p per minute.

Premium Rate Numbers

An 09 premium rate number allows you to earn money from calls that you receive to the premium rate service.

They’re great if you want to remove the need from invoicing clients for the service as the payment is taken from the call itself.  Charges can range from 10p to £1.50 per call.

For more information on operating a premium rate number and the surrounding regulations please read the PSA website –

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