Today, technology connects us, advances us, and makes our lives easier, whether that’s a palm sized computer that can organise our entire lives… or a mug that can stir your tea for you. 

Tech doesn’t always have to be ground-breaking or life changing, sometimes the best inventions are routed in fun and simplicity, and they don’t always have to cost the Earth. We’ve rounded up some of our top tech for under £10, perfect for Secret Santa or anyone who needs a bit more 21st Century wonder in their lives. 

Travel cable organiser


This sleek and simple travel cable organiser makes it easy to take your important cables with you wherever you go, without arriving a tangled mess at your destination. 

Magnetic wristband


A solution beautiful in its simplicity, this magnetic wristband is a must have for any discerning DIY-er. This neat gadget will keep those tiny but all important screws at your finger-tips… or at least around your wrist. 

Phone selfie light 


Perfect your LinkedIn profile picture, or just win some parent points with a phone selfie light. This easily clips onto your phone to improve your lighting and make sure you look your best in every photo. 

Self-Stirring mug 


This mug markets itself as the “Lazy Man’s Mug”, but where some see lazy, we see efficient. Stir smarter, not harder with a self-stirring mug – this it what innovation is all about! 

Infinity Pad 


Save yourself the embarrassment of one of your doodles being found in the office bin and do your bit for the environment with a reusable notepad. No paper or ink, this gadget wipes itself clean at the click of a button with no waste. 

Phone microscope 


Technology is all about the details, and they’ll be hard to miss with this easy phone attachment that can illuminate and magnify your image up to 30X.  

USB clock and fan 


Keep cool with this cool gadget that plugs directly into the usb port on your computer. This gizmo is adjustable and dual functioned, as it also illuminates a clock feature when turned on. 

Pet snack launcher 


One for man’s best friend: load up with their favourite treats and fire! No batteries required, making this a classic and simple gadget that will bring a smile to your face, and a treat to your dog. 

Credit card power bank 


This slim and lightweight powerbank fits in your wallet like a credit card, but can save you if you find yourself in a tight spot and running out of charge. 

Universal Tablet and Phone Stand 


This universal phone and tablet stand is compact, sleek and ideal for propping up your device on a desk. Ideal for watching videos or films whilst travelling, or even keeping on your bedside table to hold up your phone. 

These are our top picks for tech under £10, with something for everyone. Whilst a dedicated server spot may be a bit much for Secret Santa this year, if you’re looking for something bigger, contact Think Connect to find out what we can offer to help keep your business connected.