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“We can’t speak more highly of the Think Connect team. Professional, diligent, with business understanding and ready to go the extra mile.”

  • K. Thorley, Bright New Things

Rural homes may enjoy idyllic landscapes, plentiful wildlife and a sense of space that city dwellers can only dream of; but, high-speed internet, it transpires, is not a gift of nature.

As connectivity experts, we confidently approach every commercial or home broadband enquiry with a ready range of technology solutions and a can-be done mindset. 

In December, we were approached to help a client, who had relocated to a rural location and required high-speed internet that would enable her and her partner to run several digital businesses from home and support tech-heavy family life, including streaming, games consoles and multiple IoT devices:

“We discovered after exchange how the anticipated ‘excellent’ 60Mb internet was in fact just 6Mb, and now committed to the property, we desperately needed to find a solution.  From a recommendation, we contracted a WIMAX provider who said they could achieve 200+mb, bouncing off a church steeple a mile or so away.  On completion day, the provider arrived but explained they were here to first do a survey.  As it transpired, the church was not reachable, nor were any other local node sites.  As the engineer left, we were massively concerned. 

We contacted Think Connect who immediately sent their engineers to meet with us and discuss some new options.  With no prospect of putting a cost-effective fibre line in, they explained there were a number of further viable, if not mainstay, options including installing a low earth orbit satellite connection, or alternatively 4G or 5G connected broadband.

After some quick tests, they were able to establish both a 4G and 5G connection.  Given the required timeframe and cost advantages, we chose the 4G solution, and by the end of the day, we were delighted and relieved.  They had managed to install a directional 4G booster dish, delivering 100Mb down and 30Mb up – even higher than we had in our previous home – and were able to offer a 5G solution if required in the future should our needs grow.  Both options were demonstrably faster than the low earth satellite option which would have been close in download but far lower in upload speeds, we saw this impacting the video calls we rely on to run our businesses.