Your traditional phone system is set to be defunct in the planned ‘BT ISDN Switch Off’, set to happen in 2025. But what is ‘BT ISDN’ and why is it being switched off? This article will take you through the how, the why and what your next step should be.

What is the BT ISDN Switch Off?

First off, this isn’t as complicated as it may sound. Basically, in 2025 there is going to be a switch from traditional phone systems to new internet-based telephone lines. It will be transformative and will take the place of outdated technologies.

Why is This Happening?

This sounds all good, but why do we even need this switch to happen? Put simply, it’s fundamental to the smooth running of the nation’s telephone network. Technology has become integrated in every part of our lives, from brushing our teeth with electric toothbrushes to the way we work and communicate, and how we unwind once the workday’s done. The traditional copper network just isn’t keeping up with this anymore, it’s no longer capable of delivering the volume or quality of voice data that is needed in our increasingly digital world.

In short, ISDN can no longer compete. Therefore, voice calls in the future will be made over the internet. You may have seen this referred to as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and you can read more about VoIP, and it’s benefits in our article here.

2025? I’m still not over 2020…

2025 may seem like it’s still a long way away – it may not even be appearing at the end of your budgeting spreadsheet yet. We recommend making the switch to VoIP as early as you can to avoid any delays and issues with your phone lines as the deadline draws closer. BT are expecting the Switch Off to cause a fair amount of disruption amongst businesses because those who have been putting off the switch to VoIP will suddenly all rush to do it once the traditional lines close in 2025, leaving the VoIP industry overrun with switchover requests, delaying operations and likely leaving many unprepared businesses with no phone line. Don’t be one of them.

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