IT Audit

Is your IT network, infrastructure controls,
connectivity or devices fit for current
or future purpose?

Take Advantage of Our FREE IT Audit Service

We offer a completely free and fully comprehensive IT audit which gives you a non biased insight into your current infrastructure, systems and IT policies and procedures. 

Conducted by one of our team or specialist consultants we will highlight outdated and underperforming systems and more crucially identify key risks:

What will we review?

  • Evaluate existing hardware infrastructure
  • Review software to ensure they are supported and correctly licensed
  • Security – How well is your network protected from threats such as malware or intrusion
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Network and Connectivity
  • Telephony, Lines and Calls
  • Print and Scan Volumes
  • Review existing IT Policies and Procedures and Compliance

By conducting an audit we have been able to save businesses significant spend on their IT, given them clear strategic direction and mitigated risk.

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