We’re all in this together and we all have to play a part.  For us it is working to ensure the businesses we work with, our client partners, are up and running optimally.  We know the importance of keeping teams connected and business flowing where possible under government restrictions.

Sadly, Coronavirus and varying restriction may be here to stay, which is why we are adapting our business, the service and products we offer and how our support teams work.  Agility is critical in business. We’re changing to adapt and we know you will be planning to do the same.  Our experts will be able to advise and provide you with everything your business needs to operate optimally, in whatever conditions.

Safety Is Paramount

For the majority of the time, we work in assisting you we are of course maintaining our business-as-usual (BAU) operations, with our growing Client Support Team (CST) supporting you remotely.

On the occasions we need to make a visit to your premises, even to staff’s homes, for installation or break-fix support, we will be meeting government guidelines, including of course maintaining social distancing.   This may have small necessary impacts on how we are able to conduct our work but through good communication we will make specific arrangements with you based on the premises we are visiting.  Some we may know, others we will not and will need your help to understand each environment to we can tailor any visit.

If we do need to come into your premises or team member’s homes, we do ask you help prepare for the visit as follows:

  • Please be available for a call prior to our visit to discuss the safety precautions.  We cannot visit any office or home where there are very recent or suspected cases of Coronavirus.  If anyone working or resident in that premises is suffering from any cold-like symptoms, please make us aware of this.
  • If it is a home visit, please try to make the equipment available as close to the entrance of the property as possible, and wipe down surfaces appropriately in advance.  When we have completed any works, we will of course similarly wipe down any surfaces that we have come into contact with.
  • Please ensure you maintain 2 metres social distancing, ideally try to be in a different room. 
  • At the end of the visit, if it has not been possible to speak face to face about the works, we have carried out, or to detail any next-steps, we will conduct this remotely shortly after.