The latest variant, Omicron, has launched a new wave of uncertainty, and today Which? has reported a new Phishing email that appears as an update from the NHS asking recipients to apply for a new kind of PCR test that can detect the new Covid strain. Of course, this is not from the NHS, but from a duplicate site that appeared a couple of days ago. The email looks more convincing than many Phishing attempts, and with the current state of fear and uncertainty over this new variant, it could be easy to mistake it as legitimate.

Two versions of the email have been reported, one that simply shows as having come from “NHS” and another from contact-nhs[AT], both branded with the NHS logo, although the second email version less convincingly so, containing a few paragraphs encouraging recipients to apply for this new test, and a link that leads to a near perfect replica of the NHS website ‘’.

Those who follow the link will be asked to fill in personal information including name, address and contact numbers, and then asked to fill in bank details for the small “delivery fee”, so this attack is targeting personal information and bank details. If this is successful, these hackers would then be able to use this information to commit identity fraud and access your bank.

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