In all of your business concerns, trying to reduce your website’s load time by just a second I am guessing is not a task high up on your priority list? You might want to think again!

It is a fact that slower server performance kills conversions and can have a major impact on your online customer experience, even affecting your brand. The research I saw recently from the specialist analytics heatmap company, CrazyEgg, showed that just one second’s delay in page load time means:

• 11% lower page views
• 16% reduction in customer satisfaction
• 7% lost conversions

Upgrading to an optimal performance server, such as our powerful, yet economical E5 solution, can literally deliver dividends and boost your bottom line. If I am not speaking here to a company owner or decision-making Director, then the prospect of an instantly improved website experience will be music to any digital marketers needs.

At Think Connect, we specialise in working with owners and marketers of business-critical websites to deliver the optimal server solution. It’s not just the hardware side, we offer wider consultative services to optimise their entire hosting setup, even support migrate and on-board in what can be a big decision to make – albeit a common-sense one with the commercial case overwhelmingly compelling.

An Investment – Not A Cost

I’ll bet most budget setters think hosting is a cost and not an investment. I’ll also bet even the vast majority of digital marketers have never considered the search marketing and user-experience gains by simply upgrading their hosting solution.

Losing 7% of sales or enquiries is a big deal to any website owner. Imagine what a few seconds from a less optimal server solution are doing to your bottom line! Being able to gain 7% is an even bigger deal, with the financial reward alone for many sites in the hundreds of thousands, if not more in many brand website cases.

We talk to hundreds of sites a month, many of whom are paying over the odds, and not even for an optimal server experience. Our approach is to explain the virtues of migrating to a new customised solution and to show how straight-forward it can be with our help. In over half of cases we are able to not only save money on their hosting but make them money through performance benefits.

User Experience Benefits

It’s not just money. A better performing website can boost customer engagement, loyalty and even recommendation. Gold dust to any marketer.

In terms of customer expectations, according to crazy egg: 47% of consumers expect websites to load in two seconds or less, 40% will abandon a page that takes three or more seconds and 79% of customers said they would not return to a site with poor performance.

Walmart, the giant US retailer, undertook this exercise and found that for every 100ms of improvement revenues grew by 1% – tens of thousands of stores yet 1 central change had a massive boost to sales.

Search Engine Benefits

Google continues to monopolise web searches in the UK. According to Statistica, Google has a 89.1% market share to nearest competitor, Bing’s 6.76%. For many, this means they are the most powerful digital marketing influence – as the source of at least the vast majority of prospective new customers. In other words, they call the shots!

Therefore, if Google says page load-speeds – particularly mobile versions – are a major factor in its ranking algorithm, it is critical to listen and act. I am sure, this is only likely to strengthen in importance as time passes, with indexing and ranking based more-and-more on the experience provided to mobile users.

It is not too obvious to overstate the benefit of being the top position ranked on Google. According to SmartInights the value of being in the top 3 results is a disproportionate click rate. The click-through rate (CTR) of the top spot is around 30%, second around 20% and third around 10% – that’s 60% of traffic coming from the top 3 places. The second page sees a drop to under 2%.

Having a faster-performing website server can, therefore, be a major contributor to organic traffic gains, traffic, enquiries and sales.

We Offer Additional Support From Expert Developers

Unusually for a technical communications business we offer support from developers to our hosting clients. Why? We recognise how beyond optimised server performance, changes to how sites are setup and configured can deliver further user conversion and engagement results. We simply wanted to see our customers succeed.

Our developers can help assess factors such as:
• Looking to reduce HTTP requests
• Minifying or combining files
• Employ asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files
• Defer JavaScript loading
• Minimising time to first byte
• Reduce server response time
• Run a compression audit
• Enable browser caching
• Reduce image sizes
• Use a CDN
• Optimize CSS delivery
• Prioritise above-the-fold content (lazy loading)
• Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site
• Reduce redirects
• Reduce external scripts

We’re only too happy to help. Just ask.