Hosted VoIP Telephony

Our hosted VoIP solutions provide a feature-rich, cloud based, phone system that offers significant benefits over traditional telephone systems.  The platform offers a highly scalable solution, and delivers cost savings whilst retaining highest possible call quality.  All our solutions are delivered from our UK datacentres with resilient geographically diverse systems offering continued uptime.

Replacing ISDN or PSTN connections with a single internet-connected solution allows you to up and downscale the solution as your business demands and only pay for what you need.

By utilising a cloud hosted VoIP solution you can benefit from lower ongoing running costs, with no need to upgrade.  We upgrade the phone system for you and your business automatically benefits from increased performance and functionality.

Furthermore, for those with multiple offices or with remote works you eliminate the cost of calls between offices and improve collaboration between teams resulting in improved productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Significant Cost Savings over ISDN
  • Greater Flexibility and Control
  • Feature-Rich Phone System
  • High-Quality Calls
  • Fully Managed Service

Additional Add On Services

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