A verified mark certificate & BIMI is the reassurance you didn’t know your customers needed 

When you receive a new email in your inbox, what’s the first thing you see? Recently, you may have noticed your email provider showing small thumbnails of either an established brand logo or simply an initial in a coloured circle. This relatively new feature gives companies the opportunity to not only brand their emails even before you’ve opened them, but also to get one step closer to proving they are who they say they are when that all important email gets delivered to your inbox. 

In a climate of ever-increasing cyber security threats, it’s harder than ever to trust that the emails landing in your inbox are from the stated sender. For businesses, this goes both ways – for your communications to be effective, your current and potential customers need to trust that your emails are genuinely from you, and not part of a phishing attack. 

Today, it is fair to say we generally only trust sources we recognise, such as companies that we have had dealings with, or we have read about on verified social platforms; and so, to minimize the explosive growth of phishing scams in the inbox, the certificate authority has taken the initiative to issue a verified brand certificate which will allow verified companies to display their brand logo inside of email applications. 

Whilst large companies such as Yahoo and AOL.com have been supporting this type of email authentication for a while,
recently Google have signalled their full support for the movement, and as with all of Google’s moves, this is likely to be a game changer. This functionality will use BIMI standards (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) to show the verification mark within email clients; and with Gmail adopting BIMI, other major email clients are expected to follow, so securing this verification should now be high on every business’s priority list.

If your business communicates updates, information or offers to your leads and clients, then getting a Verified Mark Certificate could mean the difference between your communications being opened or ignored. Think Connect offer a full service to help you achieve this for your business, allowing you to take your communications further and ensure your message is being received, as well as increasing your brands reputation and value. If you want this for your business, get in touch with us now to start the process.